Under the Hill?

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As a companion to yesterday’s 40th birthday post, here are six players that played an NBA game on their 19th birthday (there are no players who played a game on their 18th birthday – the closest was Andrew Bynum, who played his first game when he was 18 years 6 days old).Looking at the results, we see a possible reason … Read More

Over the Hill?

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Since 1963, only 5 players have played an NBA basketball game on their 40th birthday.  Two of them, James Edwards and Jason Kidd, went for quality over quantity on their ruby anniversary. Each of them took and made just one shot.Two of the others had eerily similar stat lines.  John Stockton and Steve Nash are both revered as point gods … Read More

Doubleplusgood Beginnings

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Since the 1983-84 season, 4 players have started their careers with a string of at least 4 double-doubles. You’re likely not going to be surprised by any of the names on this list.In 1989, The Admiral himself, David Robinson, kicked off his career with 4 straight double-doubles.  He scored at least 19 points in each game, and averaged an incredible … Read More

Sunny Sundvold

I could wax poetic about Jon Sundvold’s 3 point shooting prowess in Tecmo NBA Basketball, but we’ll save that for another day.  Today we’re honoring Sundvold as the only player since the 73/74 season to average less than 0.01 blocks per game (400+ games played).  That’s right, Sunny played 502 games and climbed the ladder just 5 times.Sundvold doesn’t hold … Read More

The Chosen 1

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You may have heard of the “trillion”, where a player contributes nothing to the box score despite technically appearing in the game.  But how about a player that contributes 1 of everything? Since the 83/84 season, no one has had a game quite like the game like William Bedford had for the Detroit Pistons on February 19, 1988.Bedford had 1 … Read More

Bare Minimum

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Since the 83-84 season, there have been five triple-doubles where the player only achieved the bare minimum of 10 points, 10 assists and 10 rebounds.  Surprisingly, the list is all fairly well-known names.  First, a trio of fantastic point guards: Penny Hardaway, Jason Kidd and Kyle Lowry.But the true Bare Minimum champion is our only two-time “achiever”, 2015 Finals MVP … Read More