Not Just Teammates – Family

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Like the Fast and Furious crew, some groups of teammates just click.  They work together so well that the coach can’t help but leave them out there together.  They become more than just teammates – they become family.Since the year 2000, four times has a set of 5 teammates stayed on the court together for more than 35 minutes during … Read More

5 Man Quick Hits

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All results in this blog post are for the 2016/17 regular season, adjusted per 100 possessions, and for five-man units that played at least 100 minutes together. Slowest pace (two-way tie at 86.8) Utah Jazz – Exum / Hood / Hayward / Diaw / Gobert San Antonio Spurs – Parker / Green / Leonard / Aldridge / Dedmon Fastest pace … Read More

Last Second Slingers

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Every kid who loves basketball has practiced the last-second shot.  Dribbling, by yourself, imagining the crowd cheering as the clock ticks down. “Down by one, this is for the game, 3….2….1….the shot IS GOOD!  And the crowd goes wild!  <crowd noise – aaaaa>”Even the simple end-of-quarter shot can sometimes feel epic, when executed right.  For some it is a life-long … Read More

Leading the Way

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Over the 2016/2017 season two players made over 100 shots when attempting to take the lead in a game.  That is, they took shots when their team was either behind or tied, with a chance to take the lead if the shot went down.  Before revealing the top two players, let’s quickly look at 3 through 5.Number five won’t be … Read More

With a Bang

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In NBA history, only eight teams have kicked off their season by scoring 140 or more points.  You’d think that kicking off the season with such a barrage of points would be a good sign for the team going forward, but…It happened 4 times in the sixties.  In 1960, the Cincinnati Royals beat the LA Lakers 140-123 to kick off … Read More

It’s a long shot

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Everyone has seen the last-second full-court shot, tossed up as a hail mary at the last second (or sometimes just after the last second, by savvy players looking to keep their field goal percentage intact).  There doesn’t seem to be much reason why a player would take a shot from 70+ feet at any time besides the end of a … Read More

Slow Start

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Some days you wake up and you just don’t quite feel ready to go yet.  It’s a similar feeling to what the teams in these games felt.  Over the last seven years, the longest scoring drought at the beginning of a game was 224 seconds – in a game on March 26, 2016 between the Timberwolves and Jazz.The two offensive … Read More

Three Seconds or Less

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Mike D’Antoni and Steve Nash ran one of the most fantastic offenses the NBA has ever seen – with their philosophy of getting a shot up in seven seconds or less.  But you don’t often see a shot go up that quickly at the beginning of a game.  Here’s a list of those from the last five seasons who are … Read More

Fish Head to Head

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I tried to figure out which two players of the modern era have played against each other the most times.  I looked only at the last 30 years or so to keep the search simpler, but also because when there were fewer teams in the league, they played much more often.  For example, in the calendar year 1960, Bill Russell … Read More

Glass Ownership

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Six teams since 1983 have outrebounded their opponents at least 15 regular season games in a row.The Cleveland Cavaliers did it from Dec. 2007 to Jan. 2008, winning 12 out of 15 games. That year the team surrounded Lebron James with many great rebounders, including Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Drew Gooden, Anderson Varejao, and Ben Wallace.  During the streak they outrebounded their … Read More