NBA Freshmen 15

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Last year didn’t have one single rookie that stood head and shoulders above the rest.  Rookie of the Year Malcolm Brogdon was great, but there were a lot of other rookies doing good things.  Here are five different top threes of NBA Freshmen from last year.  I’m including anyone who played at least 200 minutes (So apologies to any big … Read More

Way Over Time

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When a hard-fought basketball game comes down to five minutes of overtime, you usually assume the game is going to continue to be hard-fought. The teams have been equal up to this point – why wouldn’t it continue?But, of course, that doesn’t always happen. In the history of the NBA, there have been four games in which one team outscored … Read More

George McGinnis – Big Mac

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The Basketball Hall of Fame inducted a new class last Friday, and as usual, it was a mixed bag of names you’ve heard, coaches and players from non-NBA leagues, and basketball pioneers.One of the names that you might have recognized but not known much about was George McGinnis.  Known as Big Mac or Baby Bull, McGinnis was one of the … Read More

T.R. Dunn – Usage Master

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During the Big Three run of the Miami Heat, they had three players who all did great things with the ball in their hand.  So their center, Joel Anthony, didn’t have to do a whole lot of ball handling.  His main concerns were rebounding and defense.  As a result, in 2011-2012, he had one of the lowest usage rates of … Read More

Playing in The Upside Down

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Even good players have terrible games, forever etched in the Hall of Shame for all to see.  So with the caveat that an NBA player’s worst game is one million times better than my best pickup game – let’s take a look at some of these most terrible games.We’re gonna use Game Score for this – it is a simple … Read More

My Precious Logo

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It’s difficult to say what exactly drives the creative process.  No one really knows exactly what goes on in the brain when an idea is born.  And it’s nearly impossible to define what “genius” is, or how “genius” works.  But I know it when I see it.Someone, somewhere, at some point came up with the idea to create a shirt … Read More

Make the Most of It

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Sometimes a player that you wouldn’t expect steps up in limited time and shows a hint of what could be.  Here are some examples from the last 25 years of players making the most of the time they had on the court.Michael Phelps – October 29, 1985 – Seattle @ HoustonNo, it’s not the Michael Phelps you think. This Michael … Read More

Brad Daugherty – Finishing Strong

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I was searching for players who did extraordinary things in their last season as NBA players, when I stumbled across a story I did not know well.  Brad Daugherty was a name I knew fairly well – he played when I was in elementary and junior high school.  So I knew of him, knew he was a fantastic player, but … Read More

Plus / Minus Quick Hits

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All stats in this list are for the 2016-2017 season, single games, based on the time that a certain player was on the court for that game.  All stats courtesy of Basketball Reference. Biggest point differential -45 points, Brandon Ingram, Jan. 22, Lakers vs. Mavericks +44 points, Trevor Ariza, Feb. 11, Rockets vs. Suns Most 3-pointers made 15 fewer 3-pointers … Read More

Unbalanced Games

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What does it take to win an NBA basketball game?  The simplest answer would be: score more points, by making more shots – make more shots by taking more shots.Yet these teams won games by taking fewer shots than the opponent – WAY fewer shots.  These teams found entirely new ways to win an NBA game, even though they took … Read More