Brad Daugherty – Finishing Strong

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I was searching for players who did extraordinary things in their last season as NBA players, when I stumbled across a story I did not know well.  Brad Daugherty was a name I knew fairly well – he played when I was in elementary and junior high school.  So I knew of him, knew he was a fantastic player, but he wasn’t around when I was really getting into the NBA in high school.

I found that since the 1983-84 season, Daugherty has the record for the longest streak of double-doubles in his final season.  From January 13, 1994 to January 27, 1994, he collected eight straight double-doubles.  What’s even more impressive is that if you change the requirement to 9 rebounds and 10 points, then he has an 18 game streak that starts December 21st and ends on Jan 27.

Daugherty was dominant during the eight game streak, averaging 21.4 points per game and 14.8 rebounds.  Little did he know that less than a month later he would be done with the NBA for good.

Brad Daugherty held the Cleveland Cavaliers records for points and rebounds, even though he only played eight seasons, until 2008, when both records were broken.  Lebron James broke the points record and Zydrunas Ilgauskas broke the rebound record.

It’s unfortunate that we never got to see what a full career from Daugherty would have been like.  But here’s a lovingly crafted highlight video to reminisce about what might have been.

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