Very Happy Basketball Birthday Cake

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

This week’s Amazing Amazon find is great for anyone you know with a birthday coming up who wants a basketball birthday cake. It’s an edible cake topper, for use in making incredible birthday cakes.  I’ve linked to the Utah Jazz version below, but MakCreationsCakeSupply has one of these for any team that you’d like.

The basic idea is that you can avoid doing any of the cake topping yourself.  No trying to write words or draw pictures with unwieldy cake frosting pipes, or those cheap frosting tubes from the grocery store.  I’m not sure that anyone who isn’t a professional cake decorator has ever made a cake that didn’t end up looking at least a little wonky.

So instead of trying, failing, trying again, failing, getting frustrated, throwing things, and eating the cake yourself to drown your sorrows, just purchase a premade cake topper.  They look beautiful and are surprisingly edible – plus they are officially licensed by the NBA, so there is no ambiguity.  It’s a win-win.  Actually, it’s a win-win-win.  You win, your friend / child wins, and your team wins.  Everybody wins with this basketball birthday cake.

So with these edible cake toppers, the choice is – do you select someone’s favorite team and make them feel warm and fuzzy about their team?  Or do you choose their LEAST favorite team and enjoy the depraved slicing and devouring – the sweet taste of destroying their bitter rivals?  Both scenarios sound intriguing, it probably depends on who you are making the cake for.  Maybe you’d better get one of each, just in case.

This basketball birthday cake would go super well with a set of James Harden Weird Beards – that’s a killer combo.

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