Leading the Way

Photo by WEB AGENCY on Unsplash

Over the 2016/2017 season two players made over 100 shots when attempting to take the lead in a game.  That is, they took shots when their team was either behind or tied, with a chance to take the lead if the shot went down.  Before revealing the top two players, let’s quickly look at 3 through 5.

Number five won’t be surprising, it’s Russell Westbrook.  Brodie took 227 shots that fit this criteria, and made 91 of them, for a percentage of 40.1%.  He also had the least help of anyone in the top five, as only about 20% of his makes were assisted.

Just above him is a rising star, Andrew Wiggins.  Maple Jordan took 209 of these shots, making 92 of them (44%).  He and Karl-Anthony Towns split this responsibility for the Timberwolves.  KAT just missed this top five, making 89 of 190 shots.

Third on the list but tops in efficiency is the newest member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Paul George.  PG13 made 94 of 181 shots, including a blistering 36 for 72 from 3 in this situation, which is exactly 50% on 3 pointers.  Not a bad addition for the Thunder.

The top two players in making go-ahead shots somehow are both on the same team.  Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins combined to make 201 of 450 go-ahead shots.  I’m sure the Pelicans are hoping that this year, they can hold onto those leads a little better.

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