Sunny Sundvold

I could wax poetic about Jon Sundvold’s 3 point shooting prowess in Tecmo NBA Basketball, but we’ll save that for another day.  Today we’re honoring Sundvold as the only player since the 73/74 season to average less than 0.01 blocks per game (400+ games played).  That’s right, Sunny played 502 games and climbed the ladder just 5 times.

Sundvold doesn’t hold the title for most minutes played in a season without blocking a single shot, though.  That honor goes to Muggsy Bogues, who, in the 94/95 season played 2629 minutes without registering a single swat.  Of course, including a 5 foot 3 inch 30-year old man in this ranking seems almost unfair.  However, Bogues registers a career blocks per game of 0.04, being credited with 39 blocks in his long and illustrious career.  Giving me an idea for another post…

Courtesy of Basketball Reference

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